Örebro - Örebro castle - Elite hotel Örebro - Wadköping 

Really love Monday mornings when you have been out on the road during the weekend. Load in the pictures, peek through them and edit favorites, I think it's really cozy. Almost as cozy as the trip itself, but only almost. Darling's birthday was yesterday and I wanted to surprise him, so I kidnapped him already on Saturday and we took the train to Örebro. Where we had incredibly good food, shopping, hiking around in beautiful Örebro, the market in Wadköping, one hotel night at Elite Stora Hotellet Örebro, and music during the Live at heart that was so incredibly good! And I left the camera at home to give my full attention to Crille, I can easily be distracted otherwise ;-) But my little camera was with us so we took some pictures anyway, for something that I value very much, it is to have my memories immortalized. And this was a fantastic weekend, I am never to forget <3 Congratulations again my beloved C.