Details from Tiffany and Lars wedding

Lars and Tiffany's wedding was so beautiful, and there was so many beautiful details that your eyes could do a happy dance to. I personally have never been a shoe person, but when I saw Tiffanys shoes I was blown away! So amazing. And now I am turned, I love beautiful shoes, haha.

When you pick your wedding shoes, choose exactly whatever you want. Do you want a personal designed high heel, go for it. Do you want to go for a pair of shoes you are wearing all the time to avoid chafing, then go for that. But if you want to have a high heel, my tip is to also take a shoe that you can walk in with you, because you can get really tired after a while. And at least with me, when we are taking your wedding pictures you have to be able to move and walk. 

And the engagement ring was so beautiful too!

And when you pick your rings, remember, how beautiful they might be, it also have to fit in with your life. If you don't want to get stuck in things with the ring, a round ring is absolutely perfect for that. And they are really pretty too. You might have a job were you can not have a big rock, then chose a smaller one. Make your decision based on your life.