Engagement shoot?

From 2016, I will offer an engagement shoot at a good price instead of having a mini-shoot with the bride and groom to be like I had until now. Why might you ask. Well, I really want to put a lot of time on all of my bridal couples. And although I understand that it has been nice for some to stand in front of the camera a little while before the wedding to feel how it feels. However, none of my bridal couples have actually need that shoot. For all my bridal couples are gorgeous, light-hearted and easily photographed, so it has always been so easy!

But why an engagement shoot? Because, it's a luxury ! Just the two of you together and a moment to show your love to each other. And you can do it in the way you want. Choose a place that means a lot to you, bring something that is you and do it in the evening sun. You two, all alone in a field in the sun's last rays. It does not sound completely wrong, right? ;-) And I have a wonderful colleague who has put together a post that is about engagement shoots, and is full of tips. So can really recommend to look at it if you go and are considering an engagement shoot. Click here to se the blogpost.  Lots of love! Rebecca