Ett intimt bröllop på gården


You know those magical evenings that are like a story from Astrid Lindgren? Emma and Gustav got married on that kind of evening. I could hear Astrids calming voice in my head when I watched them walk into the sun rays.

"Sometimes it's as if life picked out one of its days and said, 'I'll give you everything! You'll be one of those rose-red days that shine in memory when everyone else is forgotten."
- Astrid Lindgren

I told Emma & Gustav to hug each other and they held each other tight. I snapped a few pictures and stood and watched them for a while, they never let go. It was like I wasn't there. It was a beautiful moment and I love my couples for always wanting to be near.

brllop Kping fotograf Rebecca Hansson 01JPG

Ett intimt bohemiskt trädgårdsbröllop i Köping
Bröllopsfotograf Rebecca Hansson.