Firar 10 år som par i Visby, Gotland

October 15th Crille and I had been together for 10 years. That is so crazy! Times flies having fun. Of course we wanted to celebrate it in a special way, so we took a weekend trip to Visby, Gotland. And I am so happy that we did. I hadn't been to Gotland in like twelve years and Crille had never been there. We got the most perfect weekend, beautiful weather, the last warm days in Sweden and the summer city of Visby hadn't closed yet. Because in winter there are not as many tourists in Visby, so many of the restaurants and stores in the old town close down during winter, but when we were there only like 30% had closed. So it was nice.

Visby is just fantastic really, it feels in the old town of Visby that you are in a movie like Astrid Lindgren or something. You feel very at home there and everyone you meet are so friendly and sweet. But if you walk on the other side of the ring wall it feels like a different kind of movie, or like game of thrones. The park is just beautiful, a lively landscape, I would call it. My photo brain saw so many shoot opportunities in that park.

You felt calm being there, it feel like no one is rushing and take time to talk to each other. And being surrounded by the ocean at least feel like meditation to me. We had the opportunity to see three incredibly beautiful sunsets and they are my favourite memories from this trip.

We lived at this apartment hotel called hotel Repet, in a beautiful small studio room. As I feel now I will never live anywhere else than there when I go to Visby. Good service, LOVED the room, the hotel is in the the core of Visby and have a private terass to every room. We could not be happier. We always like living in apartments when we are going away, so we can make our own breakfast and everything gets more personal. And these rooms were designed like I could have designed my own apartment, so my style! Just having a kitchen table to sit at night and playing games make it so cozy. Recommend, recommend.

Now to the food, you know me, I love my food. In Sweden it is easy to find vegan food, but it's harder to find a straight-out vegan restaurant. Because most of the times all restaurants can help you get something from their meny vegan, and that is both really good and sometimes bad. Often it gives you a lot less to chose from, and you dont know walking in to a restaurant what you will get. But it is good in that way if there are a restaurant you really want to visit, you often can and that is nice. Especially if you travel with people who are not vegans.

Crêperie & Logi
Like this french inspired restaurant in Visby, Crêperie & Logi, which we so badly wanted to try out. So we went in and asked them, and they had I think it was one all vegan dish and one vegetarian that they also could make vegan by changing the cheese to vegan cheese. If I remember correctly. We had heard so much good about this restaurant so I jumped for joy that they had vegan choices. And I really recommend everyone to go there, vegan or not. The service was amazing, the music was so good, the food was delicious and the environment beautiful. Really happy with that place.

We actually went back there but just to have their dessert and they let us build our own vegan dessert by put together two different desserts, one not even vegan but they made it vegan for us. And it was heaven. So, so good!

Stora Ego
Which actually is a straight-out vegan lunch place and we found it thru TripAdvisor because it was really recommended. And on weekdays they have a various lunch buffet every day, like a vegan hamburger buffet, pizza buffet, healthy buffet etc. Really a fun idea. But we ate there on a Saturday so we could not try the buffet, but no harm on us, they had a lot to choose from on the a la carte meny. We chose a tapas plate wich was amazing. So good. I ate deep-fried rice ball for the first time, and who knew deep-fried rice could taste so good. Yummy!

Normally I wouldn't recommend the big chains who all look and taste the same everywhere you go, but I still want to recommend O'Learys in Visby. The girl we had as a waitress was so friendy, cute and helpful! And they also have a good vegan burger so, I had to recommend it today.

And I would also want to recommend you to visit one store there, when you are out on your shopping. The Branting store. We walked in there not knowing what it was, I loved the clothes. I fell deeply in loved with a jacket there and said to Crille: So sad that it is fur and leather, otherwise I would love that jacket. And the sales girl started to talk to me, and told me everything about the brand and what they stand for and I fell in love with her. She has so much passion for this brand and store and she made the experience in her store wonderful. I got a smile on my face every time I thought of her (and the jacket haha!) that day. People with a passion is the best thing in the world. And you know what she told me? The brand don't use animals in their clothing. WHAT?! So this beautiful jacket from heaven was vegan!!! Of all the stores I could have walked in to, I am so happy that my feet took me to that one.

What I would recommend going to Visby is just walking around.
Get lost in all the streets, see the sunsets and talk to all the kind people.

For me it is a place of calm.

But I know there is party there as well for those who want that.


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