Gospel Choir Up To You - I am not just a wedding photographer

In August, me and Crille moved to Koping when he got a job here. To leave Karlstad is something I have wanted for a long time, it may sound strange to say it, but I felt I was so ready for a new challenge. My company has been mine all since I started it, a big love in my life. And of course I love it just as much now. Maybe even more. But after 4.5 years I looked in the mirror and realized that I had put all the important people in my life aside. And it made me terrified. For what are we without our beloved people around us. And I completely lost myself. The only thing that had been important was what I delivered and how many hours of work I was able to write in my calendar. For, unfortunately, I must say that I was raised that performance gives value. And it took me many years to realize, that it's okay that it does not suit me at all, performance is just performance. Love is worth. The love of my job, love of friends, love to Crille but above all the love for myself. And it can never be measured in money or status.   So for about 6 months ago I began the road to getting back on track. Not work me to death. To find the joy of photography agian, time to meet my friends and most importantly, to Crille to know that he is the absolute most important thing in my life. And it is with pride in my heart and tears in my eyes that I can write today that I have arrived. I still work too much, absolutely, it's so wonderful to be a wedding photographer. But I always put in time for my friends and for Crille. We are very careful with our date time, and we set the time for each other. And then the joy for everything else comes back.   So when in August he told me that he got a new job in Köping, I never hesitated to drop everything and follow him. And I have not regretted it a second. I can do what I love where I want, for everything can be solved. That is how I think about everything. Same as today I am always making sure to come home to Karlstad to see my friends. For they are incredibly important to me. And I want to know how they feel in their lives. The only part left now is about taking care of myself and there I have a very good plan for my future. So it will be fine.   "If, When You wake up in the morning, you can think of nothing but writing. . . then you are a writer. " Rainer Maria Rilke - Letters to a Young Poet   Yes, that quote has echoed in my head many times in my confused period. And you know what. I'm so lucky that I have two things that I think about the first thing when I wake up. Photography & singing. The singing, yes. It is my heart that pumps. And so I went, after many years as a dream, to make it happen. The choir Up To You here in Köping. Finally. And yesterday I was on my third performance with them. And it was amazing.