I am introvert

I am introvert. And then the follow up question, and that is? It is not a disease or a diagnosis. It is the way we work inside, it is in our personality. And I think that it is pretty cool. I love to think about how our soul and body knows so much about us, that we don't and then we have our life to get to know each other. Pretty amazing. But still, what is it? In simple terms (cause seriously I can go on forever on the topic). So really simple, if you are an introvert you gain energy from being alone, contrary an extrovert that gain energy from other people. We all have that friend (or are you that friend ;-)?) that can work all day, come home, play with the kids, go to the gym and still want's to hang out with a bunch of people after that. An extrovert. It is how they collect their energy, from seeing others. An introvert, like me, get the same energy from being my own best company. We have a lot going on in our minds all day, it never stops. I also think in my sleep, and remember it the morning after. Not even kidding. All humans have both extrovert and introvert sides. But most of us is either more of one of them. If you are right in the middle it is called Ambivert. And one thing that I found really interesting is that now I understand why I had so big troubles to communicate with some people when I was growing up. They were extroverts. How much easier everything would have been if I had known that back then! I never felt like I fit in. I wasn't bullied or anything like that, I had amazing friends (and still do). But everybody was so social and wanted to party all the time. I wanted to sit home and listen to music. Or draw. Or just be with my thoughts. I wanted knowledge. I wanted to help others. I felt like a freak. Why couldn't I be like them? But also, why party? They were just so social. So I felt left out, even when it was because of that I wanted to stay home. But I felt misunderstood, like the boring one, because I wanted to be with them, just not all the time. And actually, I still feel like that sometimes. And I just didn't like to talk about things that were shallow. I wanted to go in the deep. I wanted to talk about real things and get to know people in their soul. And now I know why. We just didn't work the same. And that is so OK. But we have to accept each other and out differences. Here are some things that characterize an Introvert: - Seeking calm and relaxation - Like independent work - Can be without other people for a long time without feeling lonely. - See details and have an eye for quality - Reflects much - Hyperfocus and wants to work in one sequence with a clear task at a time - Performs best in the morning - Patient - Thrives in their own company - Easy to visualize words. Thinking in pictures. - Good long-term memory - Is a listener - Is in talks observant of what is said as well what is actually meant. - Prefer to think before you speak. - Independent, do not indentify themselves strongly with group membership. - Is stresssensitive - Perform worse under pressure (Just I that thinks of a Queen song right now ;) ?) And why do I want to talk about this? First, because I think that it is so interesting! Second, I have felt so wrong my entire life. Like, it have been so hard. So can I help just one person with this, so they don't have to go thru what I have gone thru. Then I would be the happiest person alive. They should talk about this in school! So people can understand. We are just the same, but we do not work the same. And I know that some will say that this is rubbish, I don't care. Read a book about it, you will see all the signs. And since I found out I have felt so much better. Now I can communicate with people I never have understood before. And the once I still can't communicate with, I know why. To be an introvert is still classified as a mental illness in Sweden. Rubbish. Old school. That is just because the world we live in right now (the west anyway) is extrovert. Being an extrovert is praised and considered good. And that is okay. As long as we all are accepted. Group work is not for everyone. And right now the grades are incredibly much about how verbal you are. While the majority that are in Mensa is Introverts. And one more thing that many people think, that we don't like people. We love people, as much as everyone else. We just don't have the energy to be with people all the time. I love people. They are the reason I am working with what I do. Relationships between people is the most beautiful thing according to me. So please don't judge me because I think before I talk. I am not slow, I just have many things on my mind. I am a smart girl. I have a lot of opinions. I am funny. I am listening to you. I am not bored. I like to get to know you. I am not shy. I am an Introvert and proud of it.   I would love to hear your thoughts about this.