I care about how I look

I have a topic that is really bothering me. I am overweight, I have been for quite a while. I gained weight during a very hurtful period in my life, and a little extra when I moved together with Crille and we had too many cozy days in the sofa with good food. And now I am in the middle of a weight loss that will take a while because I want to do it all on my own, no surgery or other help. The plate model and workout. And I am on a journey, and trying to move pass all the negative that I have had in my life growing up. And I have come a long way. But the topic I was talking about is clothes for plus size women. It is a joke here in Sweden. I am overweight, that doesn't mean that I don't care about how I look. That I have totally let myself go or that I don't care about myself. I am interested in fashion and everything you can by here, is black, grey and model: tent. Why should we have to hide ourselves? We are as beutiful as everybody else. And it hurts, to see all the beautiful clothes, and have to walk pass them in to a hidden corner and find our tents. It's a shame! Nobody choose to be overweight, but shit happens, okay. And when you are in that situatuon, why do the world think that we should hide ourselves? I do not want a big tent t-shirt with some sad girl on. I am alive. I am creative. I am colorful inside I have the right to have colorful clothes that fits a body! Fashion in Sweden, shame on you. I buy almost all my clothes abroad. They have come so much longer in US and England. I am beutiful on the inside, please let me be beautiful on the outside also Sweden. I will never hide myself anymore.