I have a dream

I live down in Europe in a small stone house with a small garden at the back of it. In the garden stands a peony bush and a small gazebo. In the wind flutter the wind chimes I done myself made of white fabric strips. I travel a lot so it's nice to have this as a quiet base to come home to. I love myself and understand my own value. I no longer compare myself with others, but find my inspiration in my travels, in nature and in books. I hang out with other creatives, mostly musicians and we often meet on a café. We're talking about things that matters and we laugh a lot. We can suddenly burst into a song together. "The law of Jante", does not exist here. Here is fellowship. Crille and I'm married and we hang out mostly with the same people. It is a happy bunch of guys and girls where everyone is welcome. I have friends from many different countries and I love to learn about new cultures. If you walk just a few steps from our house you will come down to the sea. I often go there, dip my toes in the water and think. Let the waves wash up on my feet. Or just breathe in the sea air. The city we live in have often markets out on the street and I often go there to buy fresh flowers and fruit. I always have an analog camera hanging on the shoulder and I photograph all the beauty I can find. I'm still working as a wedding photographer and travel across the world to my amazing couples. My couples and I are loyal to each other, understand each other and feel like friends. We like the same things and they have huge hearts. I want them to feel beautiful and loved. I want to give them my time. They love each other so much that even when I put down my camera, they still hold on to each other. Touch each other. When I'm not working, I want to help others. I still write and read every day. It's great to have a garden to do it in. I love having birds singing as background music. I also still sings, even openly. I have accepted my voice for what it is. I believe in myself and I will not let negativity in to my life. Life is to amazing for that.