I love to travel - London, Brighton & New York

To open the folders on my computer called Brighton, London, New York gives me butterflies in my stomach. Just like being newly in love, when they flutter around like crazy inside the stomach. And they have all sorts of colors, it is in any case as I see it before me. A smile appears on my lips. Remembering back to all the amazing places I have been to and all the wonderful people I've met along the way pull up my mouth corners even more. Brighton and London in 2014, yes it was really something special. First trip with my Crille. Brighton, the smell of salt water and stone. You can not even explain how a pebble beach smells, but it is something special. My feet sank so deep and it was impossible to get out of there in a smooth way. All of us tourists looked like ducks while Brighton residents slid around as if they were on asphalt. I laugh at our stupidity. London, the city that deserves all the attention it can get. All crannies need to go through so much beauty that the city possesses. Much of it is hidden in the narrow streets and the subway's world. London, me and Crille was speed-dating July 2014. For we were only there one day. But the love is strong, I long back and really want to go through all the corners when I do it. New York. New York. I do not find words. You are always in my heart and you will always be No. 1.