I want to have a WHY behind it. A purpose. A direction.

When I was little I used to watch so much television. It almost feels like I got all my learning from it, but that is of course not the truth. Today it is rarely on. It is just a black screen in our living room. We have talked about removing it actually, but it never happens. Because, it is a thing everybody else has. I have fallen for a sales pitch that was made so many years ago. And the younger people today hardly watch television, they are on their computers. And I feel so old when I write that, haha. But, it feels like I am stuck in the 90s and therefor afraid to remove the televsion. The television that we almost never have on, who is gathering dust and were we could have a beautiful vase instead of. It is strange that we so many times do things, or have things, without questioning why. Because the answer, everybody else have it/do it, it is not an answer. Every answer coming from my heart, soul and voice I want to have a WHY behind it. A purpose. A direction. Even when we are talking about a television. What do you think, do you still have your television? But, one thing. I have actually started to follow a program for a couple a months ago. The english program "under the hammer" were they are renovating old houses and apartments. That is actually a show I like! Real people and I get to see how things are working in beautiful England. So if I get rid of my televeion, I sure hope that you can find that program on the web, haha.