Jag valde inte fotografi, fotografi valde mig


Today it is my beloved company fifth birthday! It is so wonderful, crazy and fills me with enormous gratitude. Even today, I can be shocked that I'm sitting here. For it is certainly not obvious. When I think back, I can really feel, how did I dare? For the girl I was then, took no chances, had no self belief and thought life was pretty scary. But deep within me, I felt that it was absolutely right. Right for me. So I just jumped. Took a chance. And I am now so thankful and so proud.

And so much I've learned. I really love to learn new things. I want to constantly renew myself and my knowledge, and now I learn things every day. And the company has make me develop on so many levels. I was so incredibly shy, but thanks to my wonderful customers I have realized that there is nothing to be shy about. Now after these 5 years, I want to thank all of you who are there for me, all of my wonderful clients and to myself. Who dared to take the step to do what I love. And somehow I still feel, I did not chose photography, photography chose me.