Kärlek i Kristinehamn

Happy Easter! Hope you had a lovely long weekend with nice weather like we had here in Karlstad. We have really been spoiled by the sun, sun and more sun.

Yesterday was Kristinehamn, which is about 20 minutes from Karlstad, a meeting place. First I met Anna & Jesper who is getting married in July and came all the way from PITEÅ to celebrate Easter in Kristinehamn. And I just had to ask them how they met, as Anna comes from Kristinehamn and if they had a distance relationship from the beginning. Which they had. What an incredible achievement! Love really can handle any distance! Crille and I had distance of 20 mil between us and we thought that was hard , they had 120 mil between them  ..... Yes 100 mil more!!! ;) A & J, we will have so much fun on your wedding day, I'm sure of that. The meeting we had on a sunny Kristinehamns hembygdsgård. A place I did not know existed before yesterday, I will certainly return there when it turned green on the trees!

Late in the afternoon sun, I met Jenny & Arthur who came from Gothenburg to also celebrate Easter in Kristinehamn. So we gad a photoshoot on a bridge with water sparkling in the background. Mmm yummy! Also a wonderful couple (of course, all my bridal couples are wonderful!) Their wedding will be so amazing! My trigger finger began to tingle when I sat and listened to their wedding plans. It's really a good sign !  :)

happy easter