Kill them with kindness

I stumbled over this quote a couple of moths ago, and I like it actually. It can sound really harsh if you take it word by word, but what it means approximately is that instead of fighting dirty or not taking the high road, to instead be kind. And you will always win in the end with kindness. And this is something I have been thinking a lot on recently. When I started out in this buisness it was really lonely. And I contacted many photographers to get to know them as collegues. But the doors was always shut. People were really secretive and didn't want to share the buisness. And that always made me really sad. I didn't want to steal there buisness ideas or were they did their shoots, I wanted to talk to interesting creative:s that understood the life I lived. Our photography life. But mostly they thought that I had a secret agenda. And after while I can honestly say that this attitude rubbed of on me. Because I thought that this was the way it was supposed to be. You can't share things with other photographers, they will only use it to their advantage. I thought the right thing to do was to shut my doors too. Thank god, that period in my life was really short. Because, for me people are so important. I realize today that it doesn't only have to be photographers, but I think that it is really healthy to share your life with other creative:s. People. So we can inspire each other and make the other one grow. It is not a one woman or man show. Your business will be better if you let people get to know you and if you share yourself. Do not shut the doors on what could be amazing friendships. Not a friendship you have to gain anything exept getting to know this amazing person. And that also means when you are doing a collaboration with another company. Do not just go in to it to win a free photo shoot, a free bouquet or a hairstylist time. Try to get to know them, be interested and be kind. So no one feel that they are just being used. That is a horrible feeling. I have come to days when I am going to collab with someone and they have been rude, or not even talked to me. Not even want to get to know me even a little. And for me, buisness is personal. And to me that is so unprofessional and really rude. Cause, if I give personal, I don't want a wall back. Or feeling used. And most of that comes from working with right people of course, but I think that there is so many out there who are trying to do buisness by always trying to win or prove something, or elbow their way to the top. And it is not only in our buisness. And that makes me sad, that they don't realize how far you can come by, ”kill them with kindness.”