Kraków Poland: My birthday trip to Kraków

For my birthday Crille surprised me with a trip to Kraków. His surprises are always the best, I mean come on! First Riga and now Kraków. He always make my birthday dreamy. I really enjoyed the city, it is almost too beautiful in the sense that after a while you don't pay as much attention to some things because the brain is in to-much-beauty-mode.

The buildings have a lot of soul and the people are friendly most of the time. I feel like they are like us swedes, you need to start a conversation to have a conversation, they/we won't start it. First day I had a 'the future is equal' t-shirt on me just by habit, and we noticed that it wasn't popular with all polish men. Haha, oops. But yeah, that is the truth, so deal with it ;-)

There are a lot of tourists, but we went in july so it is nothing strange with that, but the tour-guide-taxis can drive you a bit crazy after a while. But all in all I absolutely loved Kraków. And going as a vegan there was a dream, all the amazing vegan food in that town!! As we stepped foot at Swedish ground, we immediately wanted to go back there for the food.

Sweden is like the second country in percent with most vegans, but the range of food choices are no way near what they have in Krakow. It was so hard to choose something to eat for us, because we had choises on the meny! Can you imagine. Asian food, vegan kebab rolls, vegan burgers, vegan cake, all vegan restaurants, so wonderful!

As a vegan you HAVE TO EAT at these places in Kraków:

Has both vegan food and vegan cake.
Has vegan kebab rolls. They were amazingly good! And if I had the time and skills I would franchise one of these places in Sweden!
Vegan burgers, the best I ever had.
We actually ate there twice, such good food and cozy environment. It's asian food that taste so much without being spicy.
VEGAN cake! OMG so good.


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Krakow Poland photographer Rebecca Hansson 02JPG

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