Love in the sunset - Golden hour

Last night I stood on a field. With the most wonderful couple. In sunset. Love, love, love. And in August I will photograph their wedding day. I can only say, lucky me !

Golden hour is my favorite time every day. Even when I'm not holding my camera. I can just sit and stare at the beautiful sky. We photographers talk a lot about our light. But it can be hard for someone who sees the world with different eyes than us. And these two movies show exactly what I would want to say to you about the light on your wedding day. I always try to shoot at least some pictures in golden hour and as they say in the movie, I just need like ten minutes of the dinner. When everybody else is eating. And create magic that you can show to your grandkids later. Or every day.

On this shoot I used the light of the golden hour. Just magical isn't it! :)

Here is two great movies about golden hour: