Lovely food!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this with food. There's probably nothing I like as much as food. Fresh food is the best there is. As chicken salad, or watermelon to grilled meat. Yum! And stylish food is the best, I say with my photo-eyes, haha. But I do not cook any food. Never. I'm good at cooking, but I never stand at the stove. And I think I have come to know why, because I'm really the worst at cooking "common food", when I stand at the stove then I bake my own bread, make some nice advanced pie and a salad filled with everything. So then, I always think it is a  large project with cooking. Strange ;-)

But I'm the most spoiled human ever when it comes to food, my beloved Crille (the best!) always cook amazing good food for me. So that's why I have survived this long ;-) And then when I photograph weddings, I am often invited to absolutely stunning and magnificent food. That's my lovely life!