New York - Brooklyn Bridge - Time Square - Rockefeller center - Empire state building - destination wedding photographer Rebecca Hansson - Wedding photographer - Sweden

I have always been in love with travel. My home is were my heart is and I have never felt that my home is just in one city. I want to see them all. I want to meet alot of people all over the world. And I am so happy that the love of my life feel the same way. We don't care were people come from, as long as you are a nice person, we will love you. And want to exchange stories with you. And now when the world seems very cold because the situation in the world it is so important to show love. And I think it is so important to travel too, to get all the horrible images from the news to disappear from your mind. The world is not a horrible place, it is not frightening. Don't misunderstand me, the things that is going on right now is horrible, but not the world. And not most of the people in it. They are just lovely.

We traveled to New York in september. Oh, how i miss that city already. It is so wonderful. And I think i'm not going back there on a while unfortunately, because it is so many cities I want to see for the first time. And I have been to New York a few times already. But! I hope I got to shoot more wedding there in the future. That would be awesome. But what's in the future, we will see. But for now, we will always have these images. And the next travel blog I really hope is from Italy, Scotland, Iceland or another fabulous country ! I'm a citizen of the world ;-)