One day in Stockholm - Wedding photographer - Destination wedding photographer - Sweden - Stockholm 

I barely maked it inside before I sat and loaded the images from my days in Stockholm at the computer. Stockholm, the city! There is something magical about it that I really love. It is beautiful to look at, just to be in and, above all, to shoot in. There is so much to choose from! But yesterday I had the best motive that is possible to have in front of the lens. A glittering wedding couple to be. Wedding couple 2016. Wonderful. So there we were. In a beautiful avenue, two incredibly dear people, hand in hand, with autumn leaves around them, and some of them were falling down from the trees. That kind of things makes me shudder, the hair on your arms stands straight out! Magic.


On Tuesday I would also have a family photography, but it rained sadly away, so that we will shoot another day. Well, one reason to go back to Stockholm, poor me;-) Instead, we took a walk in the Old Town in the rain. It was so cozy. All couples who went close together under the same umbrella, the others who past in a hurry not to get wet. And us who only lived in the moment. Next to each other and gaze at each other and all the beautiful buildings. Then to sit with autumn outside the window, inside a cozy cafe with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand, yes, it is something I really longed for. Autumn, it is love.