Practising positivity

Do you know what I did yesterday? I was having a bad day, mean thoughts about myself and my weight. Like it hasn't come off as fast as I would like it to. So what did I do about it? First I cried for like 10 minutes before deciding that it is not my way to go about this. So instead I opened my closet and put on my favorite maxi dress that I feel beautiful in and walked around in it all day. I felt so pretty. I was even made fun of in dress once, by some girls in a hamburger place, but I didn't even bother because in that dress I feel like a queen. All long dresses actually, when the fabric is fluttering on against my legs I feel so gorgeous.

And that's the thing about being positive, it is something you choose. You can practise in being positive. I practise it everyday because I have chosen it. I could have stayed in my funk yesterday and cried myself to sleep, hating my looks, my life and my body. Or, and as I did, I can choose positivity. Not always the easy road, but always the right one. I want to live my life, free and alive. Not always thinking about bad things or the things I have done wrong in my life.

And my yesterday become such a good day!