PRAGUE - Christian's birthday surprise

The day before Christian's birthday I surprised him with a trip to Prague! It has become our little tradition with surprising each other and it is so much fun. And it dosn't have to be abroad of course, but we both really want to travel the World so it have just become that we travel on our birthdays. And it is amazing I'll tell ya.

I was in Prague as a child, can't say that I remember a lot of it and the memories I have I can't be sure if it's memories or from the photo album. But I always had that feeling that I wanted to go back there and to bring the love on my life was a must. So this year I could fix that and I am so happy that I did. He fell in love with Prague as much as I. We had two full days there and it was enough time I felt for being in the city. I would of course wanted to stay longer but then I would have liked to move around more in Czech Republic. Prague is really an amazing city with a lot of soul and beautiful architecture, but of course so crowded. We went Wednesday to Friday and I thought it was many tourists on Wednesday and Thursday but it was nothing compared to Friday. So a weekend trip there woudn't fit us at all, so it was prefect to go before the weekend.

On Crille's birthday we went to the Charles Bridge at 6am to be more alone and see the sunrise but even if it wasn't as crowded as on the daytime it still were a lot of people. Yet, it's still my favorite memory from the trip because it was amazing, so I recommend you to do that. After the sunrise we went to the Old Town Square and wandered the streets practically alone. It was a beautiful morning. I saw so many wedding couples taking their portraits at this time and it was so much fun watching collegues from all over the World work.

As Vegans it was really easy to find food, and the food was good! I also find that Prague has really good service and that you should walk away from the most touristic places to meet the real Prague and the nicest people. We lived and ate breakfast at our Hotel, The Golden Crown, which I would recommend to everyone. Their rooms are beautiful and their staff are so kind and lovely.

Here are some of the places we ate on:

We actually ate there two times on my command, I loved the food. So did Crille of course. So I had to go back the next day and try something different on their menu. And the view from their balcony where you can sit and eat are amazing. It looked like a painting and I loved every minute of it.

They say that they have the best Italian gelato in Prague and I believe them. It's not only vegan of course, and the place where we ate ice cream (twice ;-) ) they had two vegan flavors. Pistachio and chocolate. And I only tried the chocolate and it was a dream. So creamy and so much flavor, yum! Crille had the pistachio and loved that one as well, so I have to take his word for it. But they have one or two more Creme de la Creme in Prague and I don't know if they have more or different vegan flavours.

This is really a boho place, so I felt I fitted in perfectly, haha. We ate a lunch there and the food was good. It was noticeable that it's a really popular place, because we were the first one there when they opend and two seconds later our room was full. They serve a lunch offer that seems very appreciated but me and Crille coudn't help ourselves so we orderd the pasta with "meatballs" and it was really good.

Have I come to heaven? Because this cafe is heaven! 100% vegan. The staff was so friendly and it felt like they would run ten miles for you. The environment felt like a cozy apartment and they have a lot to chose from, both lunch, buns and cakes. We ate Crille's birthday cake there, a chocolate dream that was the best cake I've ever had, vegan or non vegan. I really wished that we had time to go back there, but we didn't so I will dream about that cake. We also tried two of their smoothies that was really fresh. Unfortunately we never ate there wich is a shame. If you ever go to Prague, go there. It is a bit hard to find as a muggle but so worth it.

I think it's like three of these only in Prague and we ate at the one right opposite our hotel because it was our last meal before going to the airport. It's a fast food restaurant with Asian food, both a buffé were you pay after how much it weighs and a menu to chose from. We chose the buffé and they have many choises, but our food wasn't particularly warm so it wasn't the best meal we have had. But it is 100% vegan so a huge plus for that.

We ate a "kebab" in bread here as our last lunch in Prague. It was so good! Especially the bread was amazing, I wanted even more. It's a very modern place with a staff that is super friendly. As I highly sensitive person I thought the music was too loud and I feel like a grandma for saying that! haha. But a super nice place really. They only take cash, but there is a ATM just around the corner so it is easy solved for you, if you are like me and never have cash on you. The place is really environment friendly and I am so happy that places like this exists.

I am really happy about this trip and there nothing much more to say than: beautiful.
Worth your time and money. You will make amazing memories here, especially if you leave the tourist route.


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