QT Artbook - A dream! 

A few weeks ago I got home this wonderful creation. "Artbooks are printed on a museum-grade paper using 12 color archival pigment. Black & white pictures are uplifted by 4 dedicated grayscale colors. Amazing paper surface and a micro fold Will Show your work without any distractions. The inks are rated not to fade / shift color for many, many decades. Yes, this amazing book in a quality that makes me want to sit and feel (and frankly smell) it the entire day. With its thick fine art paper with great color reproduction. A book that will age beautifully and always have your fondest memories in it. Your wedding day, a wonderful day with your kids or grandchildren. Choose from leather, linen and photowrapper so it will fit perfect for you. A book that is so fine that you can proudly have it at home on your coffee table to show all your friends and family. 

This purple copy is a display copy, the light beige linen version is incredibly beautiful.