Rävgången Örebro - Jeanette Dahlström

Last week I went to Örebro to meet up with my colleague and friend Jeanette. I met Jeanette when we both worked as wedding photographers in Karlstad, now days I don't live in Karlstad and work all over the place, but I still make sure to keep in contact with Jeanette.

When you're a frilans worker the people around you are so important. To be able to have someone to talk to about the industry or have a contact net to be able to cowork. When I get a client that want me as their wedding photographer and I am already booked on that date, I always send them to Jeanette. Because I know that they will get an amazing experience with her and I can always send them there with a good feeling in the heart.

When I first started as a wedding photographer I hadn't that much contact with colleagues, because I compared myself too much, felt underneath them and saw them as competitors. Fortunately I come to my senses rather quick and learned that no woman is an Island. We all need to build bridges and everything will be so much more fun. I was also shut done from other colleagues because I was new in the business and that hurt. So instead of being angry at them, I wanted to be something different. Someone who let people in if they needed support and help. Be the change you want to see. And today I have a contact net with photographers, florists, venues etc and its lovely I'll tell you. There are so many creative, fantastic, fun and loving people in the wedding industry that makes me so proud of it.

And we all learn from each other. In the beginning I protected my work, and today I am so happy when I can help someone else. This is a dream work, but still hard work.
And it is so much harder alone.

So what ever job you do, build bridges.


Two happy souls <3