Stockholm känns som mitt andra hem

I never been so much in Stockholm as I've been this year and it has been great. I never thought I would feel like I could live in Stockholm, but after spending so much time there, it feels like it could fit me actually. Only the future knows. Anyways, I have been there mostly for work this year, weddings, love photography and concerts. But last weekend we were there only to enjoy music and it was fantastic.

On Saturday we saw and heard Emma Blackery, which was just surrealistic. Because you feel like you know her because she is a youtuber, but you don't and at the same time it doesn't feel like it is real. Really strange. I haven't followed Emma for really that long, but I started to appreciate her videos when she started talking a lot more about the music side of her. So Crille got me tickets to see her live on my birthday, so much fun.

And on the Sunday we saw the swedish musical theatre Så som i himmelen, which are based on a popular swedish movie with the same name. Starring role in this musical is the amazing Philip Jalmelid and he was just that: amazing. I had goosebumps the whole show thru! And I got to see Anders Ekborg live for the very first time, which was huge for me! The ending number was so good, so, so, so good.

Rest of the weekend we walked around in lovely fall weather, did some shopping and ate good food. We also meet up with my friend Andrea a short time which were so much fun. Andrea lives in Switzerland and is a huge music lover and musical theatre fan. She was in town to see the musical GHOST, wich I also saw a few weeks ago. So we got to exchange some opinions on it. It had everything a great weekend should have!

If you have read this blog before you know that I love Old town, so of course I took my camera an documented this beautiful part of Stockholm:

Gamla stan, Katarina kyrka, Södermalm, Stockholm