Taking a vacation in a cabin, instead of going abroad this spring, is one of my best decisions. And you know how much I love travelling and exploring. But this was just what I needed, silence, nature, playing games, reading a lot, the sauna and a lot of wandering. It was lovely. Just us two and nature.

I felt so complete there.

And remembered how small I am in the Universe. It is easy to get stuck in your own head and feel like your life is the whole World. I get like that in periods. But watching the sunrise and sunset every day kicked my out of that. We are just a part of something so big and beautiful. And we should always be thankful for that. I have been frustrated lately that I can't live in nature (yet!). Nature for me is soul filling. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations. It is everything that makes me breathe. And when I stood and watched the sunrise the other night I thought: "Stop complaining girl! You have everything." And I do.

I have my health, I have money (to be able to experience and live a good life), I have clothes on my body that make me warm, shoes on my feet, food in my fridge, a warm apartment, a person I love and my friends. I am not alone. I often feel alone, but I am never alone. I have it all. A postive mind, gives a positive life.

Watching a sunrise, comparison do not exist. I don't have bad skin. I don't have weight to lose. I don't have arguments.

I have the sunrise.

It is all bigger than me.

Smedjan, Östra Löa, Lindesberg