Vilken fantastisk kväll - en kärleksfotografering vid Strömsholms slott

When I laugh really much or really hard I always get sore in my jaw. It has been that way since I was little, but it has also never stopped me from laughing til I cry. And it took probably 3 minutes with Linnea and Johan before my jaw was sore, and I love it. We had so much fun! They are perfect for each other, and their love is shinng in their eyes. It was the perfect evening; a couple head over heels in love, being alive and free, mist, a sunset where the sky become all colors, we in the sun's rays, warmth and so much laughter.

I can add that when I took the first picture in this post, I had tears in my eyes and did everything not to start crying. It was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. Until 5 minutes later, when I took the picture beneath. I always search for beauty in my life, and last night I didn't have to search at all, the earth really showed itself with all its gorgeousness. And that toegehter with all the beauty Linnea and Johan has within them, it was amazing. Absolutely stunning.

This was a memorable one. Thank you Linnea and Johan.

love-photography-photographer-Rebecca-Hansson-Vsters strmsholm-slott-wedding-photographer-Rebecca-Hansson