Vintage wedding on the country in Sweden - wedding photographer Rebecca Hansson

It was a beautiful day in august. It was warm outside and the trees were as green as they can be. Walking down together from a little hill comes the wedding couple, Anna & David. Hand in hand. It looked like they were out for a walk together, like any other day. Calm as only they can be. I smiled at them and said, "you are getting married." They just smiled back at me. We laugh our way through the wedding portraits, they are the nicest and sweetest people. They heart are so big, and they care about everyone thats is around them. And that was showing in the church, everyone there loves these two so much and I could feel the love in the room. It was amazing, and I went home after the wedding with the most incredible feeling. And I also have to say, that we felt like a perfect match for each other, because to people who loves music just as much as I do. Can only be good people ;-)