Wedding at Presteruds herrgård in Kristinehamn

"We will go by boat between the Church and Presterud mansion where the party will be," said both Arthur and Jenny happily. Oh, wonderful! I thought right away. I grew up in Karlstad, there is nothing I appreciate more than Vänern. And when many of Jenny & Arthur's guests came long distance, what an experience for them. There are quite magical places around Vanern which we have never seen, because you can not reach them properly except by boat. Presterud mansion is such a gem, the mansion is namely a little hidden, but from Vänern one sees it clearly and it is so beautiful. I pulled up the blinds at home, the rain was pouring down outside the window. So much that you saw that when the drops hit the slopes, they were generous splash. No, no, no, how will it now go with the boat trip for all the guests, I thought. But of course, Jenny & Arthur had switched to a boat with a roof. And what a fantastic boat trip it was. And despite an incredibly rainy day, so was the heat of all the guests and the bride and groom all that was needed. A moment that will warm my heart forever is when Arthur took out a lily of the table decorations, sniffed it and then gave it to her grandmother. I'll never forget that.