Wedding photography in Varberg

Last week, I drove down to Varberg for wedding photography with the talented girls from Those Lovely Days: Linnea & Elin. Have you not been and peeked at Those lovely days blog, I can heartily recommend it! It is full of tips for the modern bride and groom. And Varberg offered even more than I expected, I have always heard that it is beautiful, but still was not prepared for just how beautiful it was! The first day Crille and I walked at the boardwalk by the ocean in the sunshine and just enjoyed every minute of it. It really is the energy charging and healing to be near the sea. I can sit for hours and just listen to its sound and let the sun reflected in my face. Then we stood hand in hand on the beach and watched the sunset go down together. A perfect moment and it is the kind of thing you always carry around with you. There is something about sunsets, all saved in my heart, and picked up on days when I need them. Day 2 was then the day of the shooting. And it was really magical, a wonderful beautiful wedding bouquet, a table setting that I can only dream of for our wedding, the dress, a cake that is so artistic, an incredibly nice and so in love couple, rocks and sunset. Yes, the hair on my arms stands up just by the thought of it. It was certainly Those lovely days.