Wedding suit

I am looking around on Pinterest for wedding suits and I have always thought that light grey suits are so nice, but have not always think about them for weddings. But now I am even more convinced then ever, after I have clicked around on Pinterest, that they are just perfect for weddings. Their are just so many good looking suits out there and I think that a light grey just make it look really fresh. And full of summer in the wedding. And I think that everyone fits and look good in it. Even Crille have tried one on and looked like one million dollars (I think he looks good in anything, even a plastic bag, but this was incredible!) so we talked a bit about it and both of us want him to wear a light grey suit on our wedding. So if you are like me are a bit tired that the groom almost always have a black suit, I can recommend you to search for light grey wedding suit on Pinterest. Their are many really good ones there.

David had a light grey suit on for his and Anna's wedding that I shot in 2013, and since than I have loved light grey suits! 

So many thanks to David for thinking outside of the box and opening my eyes for other than a black suit.