Who you are and what you do has to come from within

You need to live your life in honesty if you are going to be happy. Honest to yourself. To see so many chasing after money, fame and followers, who will never make anyone happy or successful. Everything you do in life has to do with a thought behind it, a meaning, and it will never be good if it is "more money". Because then you will never even be happy when you reach your goals, you will just look forward to the next one. Because you will not feel the inner satisfaction. Who you are and what you do has to come from within. Who you are and what you believe in. I am not only a photographer. I do not measure my success in most money, most followers or most customers. That is nothing I care about at all, actually. I want to be there for people. I want to help them realize their own value. Make them feel loved and beautiful. All are great just as they are. You are good enough. You have so much to give. And it took only took expression through my photography. And when I write. Draw. And when I sing. That's me. Honest. Open. So money, followers or status is only like a bonus on the side. A good side effect. But nothing that is life building for me. Everything comes from within me. From the soul that wants to help and create. Creativity. People. Therefore, you should not compare yourself with others. For no one has the same colors that you have inside you. It is your gift. That you can give. I believe from the depths of my soul, that if all people realized their own value the world would not be so upside down. People would accept how other people are. They would let go of their facades and live wholehearted and open. If everyone got to believe in what they believe. Got to feel what they actually are feeling. Be who they want to be. How do you think the world would look like then?