Yes, let's sing again!

I hope you all are well! I am finally getting better from my cold. Don't feel sorry for me, I was only sick for five days, but it felt so long because I couldn't sing! For FIVE days, that is such a long time for me. But now I am better and the timing couldn't be any better either, because tonight the choir that I am in are singing in church. The first friday in every month we sing on a thing called (directly translated from Swedish) Peace of mind. And it is for everyone to come and listen to, but primarily for people who struggle to get better from addiction, or family to an addict, or enybody who need support actually.

And I have talked quite a lot about this on my Snapchat, so I have gotten the question if I am christian. A believer that goes to church. And I can answer that with, I don't believe in a God. I feel like there is to much terrible things happening to innocent people, animals and even the earth for there to be a God. And I haven't grown up in a home that is religious either, so I didn't even start to think about things like that for a long time. But in Sweden we are celebrating the christian traditions, like a "standard", so I have that from when I was little. Like Christmas and easter. Just not religious. But I do belive in spirits, love and equal value in every soul and that can be an higher power to me.

So I never used to go to church. Like never ever. I was actually quite afraid of going to church, because I felt so misplaced there. But I started of going of course when I became a wedding photographer because there is where many wedding ceremonies are. And then I joined the gospel choir Up to you, I didn't know that we were going to preform so much in church, but we do. So I started to get used to church, and I see all the beautiful people that go there and how they always have a hand to reach out for everybody. And that is so beautiful for me to see as a beliver in equal value. I actually just ignore the God thing of it.

And as a Gospel choir the lyrics has a lot of God, Jesus and Lord in them. And I always want to believe in what I am singing and I have a hard time to relate to what people are feeling when they think of their God. So I almost always change the word for example "God" in my head to Love. Because that is something greater and healing. And safe. Love makes us feel safe.

I put out a lot of my singing and the choir on Snapchat, so if you are interested in hearing that or just follow me on my every day, my name on Snapchat is: Speedwaybecca