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wedding photographer

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a wedding photographer mostly in Stockholm but I love to travel all over the World for my couples. I avoid the USA right now though, you might guess why. Please call me Becca, I listen more to that than my own name. 

Since 2011 I have worked as a wedding photographer full time, but will have it as part time now because I am in school to be a musical Theatre artist. I sure love to sing! So if you already have hired a friend to be a photographer, and you are only here for inspiration, I can sing at your wedding. What a great combo to offer. 

Otherwise? Great, thank you for asking. I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend since 11 years. He Always make me laugh so the 11 years have gone by fast. I am a proud vegan and love animals. So if you need help with wich vegan chocolate is the best, I am here for you. A bohemian soul who Thinks Life should be kept simple. More nature, less stuff. I'm a huge speedway geek and was actually born into that Amazing World. A speedway race is just what I need when I am to much in my head, needs to land and just be me for a while. 

I believe in living life with a purpose, it should really meen something. And for me that is that I want to touch peoples souls. All emotions are wonderful so lets use them shall we. So with me as your photographer there will be emotions. No stiff poses on an asphalt road in a park, there will be love in the beautiful forest, cries on the cliff ledge by the ocean or laughter at the beach. 

 "I love phtography, but I am in it for the people I get to meet." 

Rebecca Hansson

To be honest, I wish that my entire site could be in English so I can communicate with you directly. BUT! my SEO skills are to say the least limited.. hey I am a creative soul not a smart computer person. So, if you have any questions please contact me at - there I have a full price list in english and more information. 


"I am in shock!!!! I absolutely ADORE these!!!!! I love the entire album!! You captured this important chapter of my life and made this album so special. I will cherish these forever!! I am so happy!! Thank you so much!!! You not only produce great photos but you make every photo shoot super fun!!

P.S. I think my mom is going to cry again haha."


Beautiful elopements, this is were my heart is. I love elopements. Why? Because I get you. Me and my boyfriend have always felt like it's us against the World. Not that we see the World as the enemy, but that our love is just so strong. It has always been just us two. And we love to travel. So I get it. I get wanting to celebrate your love with just you two. Or the closest you have. And doing that on a place that is an adventure for you, something new or a place in the World that is not your home, but still feels like it.  I get it. It's Beautiful. It's magical. It's love. And it deserves to be documented.

An offer you can't refuse:

As I said, elopements are my thing. And obviously yours. So I have a great offer for you, I throw in the travel for free. 
Elopement 21 800 SEK ink VAT. Travels included. Your'e welcome hun! 

Fore more info: 

Quick questions

How do we contact you?

I am reached by e-mail at or DM me at my Instagram rebeccashansson 

What's the price? 

Weddings starts at 22 000 SEK for 5 hours. 
Portraits starts at 5 000 SEK for 1 hour ink pictures. 
Elopements starts at 33 000 SEK and the travels are included. 

All prices are included VAT and Contact me for full pricelist in English.

Do you travel? 

Yes, yes and yes! I do!